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LG Bowed Version of the BirDiorama TM
Just Inserts into and existing window

The *BirDiorama is a 3D Wild Bird Feeding Experience right in your own Home or Office. Designed to make bird watching & feeding the wild birds much more enjoyable with up close observation and ease. 

Customized by YOU!

Simply insert the BirDiorama
in your existing Window to attract a wonderful array of wild birds indoors. 
Your family will gather. Just pull up a chair and watch the wonderful entertainment together!

Designed for ease and enjoyment. 

Just Spin and You're In!

These feeders can spin around, cleaned, refilled, spun back into place and your done!

Right from indoors!

Large (pictured)
Custom sizes and Rectangle also available

The Ideas are Endless with Your Imagination
Bird Houses and Misters and even a BirdCam

View beautiful birds up close and personal.

Easy to keep filled and Cleaning is a breeze!


Just Spin and you're In with the BirDiorama!
Easy to Fill, Clean and Change.

Just Spin and You're In!

-No More forgetting to fill the Bird Feeders.
-No More trudging outside in the Winter to fill and clean.
-Close Up, Real Time Observation of the Wild Birds in relaxing comfort.
-Never Need Binoculars Again!

-Educational and Family Fun together.

-A Natural Stress Buster

-Add a Bird Cam and share with your Friends!

-Build an Educational Bird Habitat at School!

-Libraries/Convalescent Home entertainment.

-The Possibilities are as Endless as Ideas.

Add Your Own
Bird Feeders, Squirrel Resistant Feeders, Bird Houses, Nesting Materials, Solar Lights and Decorative Hooks to Customize your BirDiorama.
A Variety of Bird Food and Suets to attract a wide range of birds for All Seasons.

We Also offer many ideas for setup and advice, but the choice is All Yours!
Change with the Seasons, customize as much as you want to.

Add More!
Water, Misters, Solar Lights and live Plants for your favorite winged friends.

Add a Bird Cam!
The Ideas are endless to one's imagination.

Your Ideas make this Wild Bird Aviary about You!
Great Stress Busting, Family Fun, Entertainment!

*Patent Pending

We are building our exciting new website for this Beautiful and Innovative New Bird Feeding Design!

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